Fried Chicken Wings

(Foreword : this post contains a lot of bad quality images because can't afford to buy a camera like a pro <insert sad emoticons here> and also I haven't used my DSLR for years. I bought EOS 1100D in 2013 but only used a few times since DSLR is not convenient to use. Jadi kalau ada diantara kalian yang baca ini tertarik untuk beli kamera DSLR ku kalian bisa hubungin aku di comment box atau mungkin ada kalian juga yang berbaik hati mau share tutorial to make DSLR more friendly for beginner user kayak aku  kalian bisa share juga di comment box)

I couldn't quite remember when the last time I posted something in this blog but my mood is different than the last time I was here because I-finally-finished-my criminology final paper. I am officially a college graduate now.  I was so happy until one big question popped up in my head " So what's next ? ".  Leaving university means I have to face the real world,  it's so true it hurts. But, I'm not talking about how to handle life after college but I'm talking about how to make perfect chicken wings.  

A few kitchen tips for everyone who love fried chicken and love to make it at home yang menurutku penting kalau kalian mau bikin ayam/wings goreng yang crunchy  :
1. Pastikan ayam yang mau kamu bikin itu sesuai dengan suhu ruangan. Jadi kalau ayam itu dari kulkas dan beku kamu harus keluarkan ayamnya beberapa jam sebelum dimasak. Untuk yang punya microwave mungkin kalian bisa menggunakan defrost mode yang ada di microwave. Tapi, kalau aku sendiri lebih suka cara tradisional dengan merendam daging di air dingin. Harus air dingin karena kalau air panas nantinya daging tersebut akan matang di bagian permukaanya dan membuat kulit permukaan daging sedikit kering.
2. Setelah daging ayam tersebut sesuai dengan suhu ruangan, kamu harus mencuci daging dengan bersih. Setelah itu daging harus ditiriskan sampai benar-benar kering. Caranya adalah dengan membungkus daging ayam tersebut dengan kain atau serbet atau kalau aku sendiri suka menggunakan kertas roti karena lebih menyerap air yang ada.

3. Baking powder . Ini menurutku adalah kunci utama dari semua fried chicken wings yang aku buat karena baking powder akan membuat ayam kamu renyah. Jadi menurutku kamu harus nambahin baking powder disetiap adonan tepung untuk fried chicken wings/ fried chicken , even kalau kamu pakai tepung instan kamu harus tetap menambhkan baking powder.
4. Setelah kamu membumbui semua ayam kamu, jangan langsung digoreng tapi kamu harus menaruh ayam yang sudah ditepungi itu di atas cooling rack to drain off the excess tepung-tepung yang ada di ayam kamu itu.

5. Minyak yang kamu gunakan harus benar-benar panas sebelum ayam digoreng dan jangan gunakan api yang terlalu besar ya karena itu cuman akan bikin ayam kamu matang dipermukaan tapi dalamnya masih mentah.

Bahan :
8 pcs sayap ayam
1/2 sdm paprika bubuk
1/4 sdm merica bubuk
1/4 sdm garam
1/4 sdm garlic powder
1/2 sdt cabe bubuk ( additional options)
1/2 sdt daun parsley kering
1/2 sdt daun rosemary
1 sdt tabasco
1 sdm baking powder
1/4 kg tepung terigu serba guna
Air secukupnya

Langkah :
1. Ayam yang sudah disiapkan sesuai tips di atas kamu bumbui dengan paprika, merica bubuk, garam, garlic powder, cabe bubuk, parsley kering, rosemary kering, dan tabasco setelah itu kamu diamkan beberapa menit. Overnight juga nggak jadi masalah malah bisa bikin bumbu ayam lebih meresap.
2. Kamu siapkan dua wadah. Mangkuk untuk adonan basah dan piring untuk adonan kering.
3. Adonan basah tersebut isinya yaitu tepung terigu yang sudah dicampur dengan garam dan baking powder dan ditambhkan sedikit air. Adonan kering isinya tepung terigu yang dicampur garam dan merica bubuk.
4. Ayam yang sudah dibumbui pertama dibalurkan ke adonan kering setelah itu celupkan di adonan basah lalu dibalurkan lagi ke adonan kering. Kamu bisa mengulanginya hingga 2 kali untuk hasil yang maksimal.
5. Setelah itu taruh ayam di cooling rack dan goreng dengan minyak panas dan api sedang.

Selamat menikmati. Kamu bisa menikmati ayam tersebut dengan saus sambal atau tabasco.


Ramen and Rainy Night

I couldn't find something better than having a pot of spice ramen on rainy night.  This one is better than having the instant ramen or noodles. Believe me all ingredients can be found in your fridge. 

Ingredients :
100 gr cooked noodles
3 tbs chilli powder
1 tbs vegetable oil
1 tbs soy sauce
1 tsp gochujang 
1/2 tsp chicken broth powder
1/2 tsp cornstarch, dissolved in water
1 onion , minced
garlic leaves, cut into strips
200 ml water

Steps :
1. Heat a frying pan and oil
2. Put the minced onion, then stir fry until fragrant
3. Add the vegetables, stir until slightly wilted
4. Add eggs
5. Add chilli powder, soy sauce, gochujang, chicken broth powder, salt and pepper
6. Then add the cornstarch and water, wait until it simmer and thickened
7. Than put the cooked noodles into the pan
8. Eat it while its warm


Rainy Day

I like the rainy day or rainy season most. I am definitely a pluviophile. Based on urban dictionary pluviophile is  a lover of rain or someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Nothing can beat the smell when the rain hits the grounds. Its earthy smell, that fresh and sweet, i am praying someday there will be someone who can bottle up that smells (You can find more about that smell here). I love the sounds of raindrops. I love the ambience. I just love everything about rainy days. I find my comfort in rainy days . I just find my happiness when it rains. I love sleeping  in my bed, enjoying movie, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, and listening my rainy days playlist. Here, i'll give you my rainy days playlist.
Its's Raining - Lisa Bassenge

Singin' In The Rain - Jamie Cullum

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Who doesn't love brownies ?

This's very simple recipe. You only need 10 minutes for preparation, 10 minutes for hands on work, and 40 minutes for baking. When you don't have time , you still can make it. And also, all the ingredients are everywhere. I am not good enough at cooking because i'm still learning, but i did it. My friends said the brownies was so good. 

Ingredients :
5 ons unsalted butter/ if you don't have one, don't afraid to use margarine
7 ons dark chocolate 
1 cup of sugar or less
2 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbs cocoa powder
2 eggs
2 cup of all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
oreo and choco chips ( using as much as you like)

1. Preheat oven to 250 (the temperature depends on the oven)
2. Add sugar and butter into a bowl, mix them until fluffy
3. Add the eggs and vanilla 
4. Add the melted chocolate ( i used the microwave to make them melted)
5. Add dry ingredients ( cocoa powder + flour+salt)
6. Mix everything together
7. Put them to the pan ( Prepare the pan , lay the parchment paper in the pan)
8. Bake about 40 minutes
9. Inserted toothpicks to make sure that the brownies is really done.
10. Cool for about 5 minutes


and voila
like Dumbledore said happiness can be found even in the darkest time, if one only remember to turn on the light. and for me , through the brownies, i turn on the light :)


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It’s really good to be back to post something ‘interesting’ in my blog again. I do several changes in my blog, the header and the name , included. Mot De Passé is one of mots in French which i think it sounds très beautiful. 

I think i forget exactly time i posted something in my blog, seems like it was 3000 years ago. So i think lets start from the beginning.